The Early Days….

Maniesh was born in the year 1973 to a young couple from Kerala who had migrated to Pune to make a living. His parents worked in the Ammunition Factory, Kirkee in Pune. Maniesh grew up in Pune, a place popular for being a bastion of educational institutes and colleges. It was always an inner zeal with Maniesh to think and do things differently. To see Life with a sense of purpose and meaning, he was ambitious to serve in the country’s armed forces.

However, the desire to join the armed forces came crashing down when Maniesh met with a fatal accident that damaged his wrist bones severely. It indeed is a daunting task to re-program your Life when what you have dreamed of and planned for just gets over in a moment. The setback of a fatal accident didn’t deter Maniesh from pursuing the bigger picture Life had to paint.

do it with passion or not at all – Maniesh

 Dreaming Big…

Continuing the journey with the shattered dream of a career in Armed Forces, Maniesh pursued studying Law. The formative years of youth were instrumental in shaping a broad outlook towards Life. The constant inner fight to do more and explore was always keeping Maniesh looking for more in all that was coming his way.

Man’s main concern is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see a Meaning in his Life – Viktor Frankl

When you expose yourself to something you are not made for, anything that is around it will never make sense. It was the same that was happening with Maniesh. Things were not making sense of what he was exposing himself to through the study of Law. The quest to do more in Life finally compelled him to drop out at the final year of studies and continue the exploration for a more meaningful acquaintance with Life.

Work life began for Maniesh with a Multinational Conglomerate headquartered in Hongkong with key regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines which involved him travelling to places and countries.  Travel opened new horizons and brought in a fresh breath of energy. Post the Hongkong multinational job, Maniesh also had a brief stint with an Australian Company. The grindings of the corporate world and the responsibilities of adulthood shaped Maniesh for the next level of adventure and breakthrough life had to offer him. As work involved him to permanently shift to a new-location, Maniesh resigned from the job. Parallelly, he was also battling stress and health issues which were tough to deal with. Still, Maniesh courageously took on the challenge to deal with stress and health issues head-on without adopting to drugs or going into depression.

“Do your work. Not just work, do a little more, but that little is worth more than all the rest. And if you suffer, as you must, and if you doubt as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear. Then out of the doubt and suffering will be the supreme joy of life” – Maniesh