For Maniesh, the dream of becoming a Fitness Consultant was shaping up with each passing day. Regular workouts, a disciplined lifestyle and the zeal to impact lives was driving Maniesh to give his best until one fateful day on one of his routine tour to Pune to visit his Parents, when things just crashed. It was yet another regular day of workout for Maniesh. As routine calls for, Maniesh was busy working out and suddenly, he collapsed on the floor. Considering it as a normal fallout of fatigue or over-workout, he was brought home by his friends.

The days Maniesh is in Pune, he preferred to work-out at the University Gym. Shashi, a close friend of Maniesh who regularly works out with him whilst in Pune witnessed it firsthand of what happened with Maniesh. He vividly remembers Maniesh complaining about his head spinning after a brief work-out session and subsequently collapsing on the floor. Shashi and the other gym colleagues took Maniesh to his family physician. The family physician Dr. Mangesh Rajguru advised Maniesh to seek consultation from a Hospital and stay under observation as he suspected a possible internal bleeding in the brain.

The damage was done,and it was fatal. The pain was excruciating. Upon tests and examinations by a Neuro-Surgeon it was diagnosed that Maniesh was suffering from Brain Aneurysm. The world around Maniesh had collapsed. He was unconscious. Doctors were still examining him for the extent of damage caused to other parts of body.

Brain aneurysm can be caused by numerous factors.  These factors can include smoking, heavy drinking, drug abuse, high blood pressure and the most known cause of an aneurysm is previous head trauma or depression.  Brain aneurysms are also hereditary to a certain extent.  Children are two times more likely to have an aneurysm if one of their parents have had an aneurysm.

Many people are unaware that they have an aneurysm until it ruptures.  An aneurysm can lay dormant in the brain for a short-time or even a whole life time without even causing any problems.  Before the aneurysm ruptures the person may experience a major headache, vision loss, nausea and numbness in the face.  In many instances major stress is the final trigger for causing the aneurysm to rupture.  Once the aneurysm ruptures it is a matter of minutes that decide whether the person will be able to survive.

Maniesh had experienced symptoms of Aneurysm like dilated pupils, double vision, pain behind the eye balls, headache etc.… but the thought of he carrying dormant Aneurysm scarcely touched his mind which made him ignore things. Dr. Ashok Bhanage, a leading Neuro Surgeon from the Ruby Hall Hospital was seeing the case for Maniesh. It was a complicated and challenging condition for Dr. Bhanage.

Having explored all viable options of treatment, Dr. Bhanage decided to go for coiling treatment for Maniesh. The surgery method used is called coiling where doctors fill in the ruptured vessel with platinum coils which form to the shape of the aneurysm and help prevent future aneurysms. 125,000 patients world-wide have been treated with the platinum coils.

“Three Titanium Coils and Three Platinum Coils tucked somewhere in the corner of my brain, being fully aware that they are a part of me for a lifetime. Yet, that wouldn’t deter who I am on the inside” – Maniesh

The survival rate for Patients who suffer Brain Aneurysm is very low. Knowing this fact, it was a time travel for Maniesh before being taken for the surgery. It was a flash back of a Life well-lived, dreams cherished and achieved, the memories of childhood with Parents, his loved ones especially his daughter Baby Sunshine whom he was very close to and a life post the operation if granted by the almighty.

It is during the darkest moments of our Life when death sees us in the face we realize how precious a human life is and how we just cannot take it for granted. Maniesh was fighting in the spirit for one more chance to make it big in life. The struggles of the soul to express his love and affection for his loved ones was evident from the fact that he expressed a desire to write those ‘final departing messages’ for his family, friends and loved ones.

It was a moment which literally broke everyone in the spirit who saw Maniesh. It was just unbearable. Dr. Bhanage successfully carried out the coiling surgery on Maniesh. Post the operation, the threat of a memory loss or a paralytic body was looming large over everyone. But Maniesh was a born fighter. He emerged victorious. He was medically stable.

“New Life, New Adventure and all things New. The Phoenix is rising!!! The Old has gone and the new has come” – Maniesh

The journey was to begin now for a Post-Operative Recovery. It was as if like you gather the remnants of your destroyed house brick by brick to put it back together after a hurricane or an earthquake destroys it. It had to begin from learning to balance the body on feet and then take baby steps to walk. It was a new-birth for Maniesh. It was a challenging task to begin life all together from scratch and build it again. The recovery process was a fight everyday. Maniesh had to challenge himself every moment that he can do it and he can achieve it.

Dr. Bhanage had strictly advised Maniesh on the Do’s and Don’ts but those were somewhere caging a roaring lion. The fear of being dependent had started to set depression and isolation in Maniesh. While in his recovery stages, Maniesh got onto social media to interact with fellow people spread across different parts of the world who had suffered Brain Aneurysm and know their experience. This ignited a ray of hope and gave Maniesh a new strength to live life with.

“The old Maniesh doesn’t exist. I dwell in this body, a gift given by the creator and I am keeping it sacred and beautiful. The only way to keep it beautiful is to respect that body” – Maniesh

He multiplied his efforts, went against the odds and started living a normal life taking all necessary medical care and caution. A life full of enthusiasm and energy. A Life which cherishes every moment and thanking the Almighty for every breath. A life which has no ego, pride, hatred and anger. A life which is full of happiness, inner satisfaction, contentment and gratitude. Maniesh today cycles, runs and pursues his love for biking by riding his sweetheart the Royal Enfield Motorcycle painting the streets of Pune with his message of hope, victory and comeback. Maniesh has a passion for Krav Maga and he intends to get his ‘Instructor Badge’ and further pursue his advanced course in Israel.

The dark clouds have now gone away after the storms and rains. It’s a new day and new life for Maniesh now. The new season has brought in the tender green shoots of a desire to give back to the society and live a meaningful life. Maniesh now looks forward to growing these tender shoots into a giant tree under which all those who have lost hope in life and are living scattered can find shade from the harshness of life and live it in a more meaningful way.

 “It was my fitness that saved my Life, so I chose fitness as my sole companion for Life” – Maniesh

Maniesh looks forward to doing a Motorcycle ride through the coastal regions of India spreading awareness about Brain Aneurysm once he gets his medical clearance and speak on different platforms and forums about his Life transformation and survival story. A flashback at what Life has taught him, Maniesh is grateful to God for giving him a new Life and allowing him to see Life in a more meaningful way. He today engages himself in a lot of Speaking requests spreading the message of motivation, hope and survival.

Even Dr Bhanage calls Maniesh a ‘Maverick’ observing his recovery and the desire to fight back. Many leading publications in India are approaching Maniesh now to cover his ‘Death to Life Survival Story’. The message Maniesh has to offer to everyone is simple, “It is all in the mind. If you know you can do it, you can break across every obstacle that comes your way through the sheer force of grit and self-belief”.