Dr. Mangesh Rajguru

I have been the family physician for Maniesh and his family from almost 10 years. I used to always advice him to follow a good diet regime and regular exercise at least walking, as he was obese. He used to come to me sometimes for himself or some of his family members, and same dialogue's were exchanged each time about food habits and exercise. It happens with many patient's, that they ignore Doctor's advice and keep following their usual wrong rather unhealthy lifestyle. One day Maniesh came to my OPD and started discussing about gymming and jogging. We had a brief chat and we both got busy with our work. Then the transformation began in Maniesh's life and his body structure. Every time he visited me he looked more slimmer more fit and healthy. Now he used to discuss his exercise routine . His jogging and cycling routine . It was inspiring to see Maniesh reshaping and leading a healthy lifestyle. I wish Maniesh all the best and a healthy life.

Piyush Deshmukh
Owner / The Chefsway Cafe, Pune

Always an inspiration. He is currently helping me with my transformation. An awesome friend with a big heart. Head strong and a fighter. He stands out as a living testimony to us youngsters who are so motivated to learn from him every single day. God bless!!!

Personal Trainer / Arms Fitness, Bangalore

It was a good experience working out and training with Maniesh at Core Fitness and Arms Fitness gym here at Bangalore. I remember the time when he was preparing for his third title for F45 and also training for his Iron Man competition. He was a very dedicated individual. Never took offs even on Sundays. A man of few words, but once you get to know him you will know he is a great motivator and a positive thinker. Strong at heart and mind!!! Wishing him all the very best in life.

 Personal Trainer

Undoubtly one of the best clients I have ever trained so far. Maniesh was all about sweat, tears and sheer hardwork. Consistency, discipline and focus was his prime elements to success. He never took a day off nor did he believe in cheat days. I remember him saying cheat days are cheating yourself. For his age nobody could match up to his endurance, strength and lifting skills. I have seen people look when he did his deadlifts and squats which was his forte. Always helpful, silent and very positive outlook towards everything. I am looking forward to his comeback post aneurysm recovery. I see great value and potential in him and I believe he will do great things and inspire a lot of lives.  

Debojit Sonowal
International Certified Weight Management Specialists and Advance personal Trainer

I first met Maniesh during his intership (Advance Personal Trainer Certification from Golds Gym institute, Bangalore) We became good friends,then on as he shared with me his life struggles, his transformation story and why he wanted to be a Personal Trainer. I admired him cause he was a Man of Word and Promise. The way he kept himself fit. He carried a very Dynamic Personality, optimistic and hardworking person as far as my personal experience goes. Never to shy away from taking bold decisions, a risk taker and mostly what i like about him was his quality to always keep learning from everyone. He treated everybody with equality and utmost respect. Always wanting to do something better for the society and people. Finally i want to say to everyone reading this testimony "If you are looking out for guidance and help in achieving your biggest health goal then Manish Sir is the person you must reach out to. Why I am saying this is because until and unless someone doest transform himself how can he teach you to transform you. He is a great motivator and I still seek guidance from him as he is a man of vast knowledge and experience. Be blessed with healthy and a happy life Maniesh. Wish you very best of luck.

Dr. Ashok Bhanage
Chairman Cancer Centre Director And Head Of Neurosurgery Department / Ruby Hall, Pune

I first met Manish under ICU scenario when he suffered intracranial subarachnoid haemorrhage due to ruptured aneurysm - a life threatening condition. He underwent GDA coil embolisation for treatment of the same. Even in this serious condition,he was extremely calm,brave and always in high spirits. Never once did his spirit lag off. His recovery period was considerably shorter than usual because of his indomitable spirit. Over the next few months,I came to know of his vigorous lifestyle and I virtually had to hold him back from launching himself headlong into it. I wish Manish and his family every success in the future and a very healthy life.