It often does happen with most of us that when things are all good going we tend to take things for granted. The comfort zone is dangerous as much as it is soothing. And it is indeed true that no one has ever grown or excelled in the comfort zone. With Maniesh, an indulgent lifestyle brought in obesity.

Lifestyle changed being obese. Obesity and overweight impacts the body not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. The rut of a strenuous work life and the subsequent unhealthy lifestyle made Maniesh quit the corporate life and focus towards being fit. He was laughed off at by friends and closed ones when he expressed his desire to lose weight and be fit. The social stigma associated with overweight and obesity is something which is indeed tough to bear.

But a strong grit and determination helped Maniesh take this daunting task to fight obesity. It took six months of rigorous work out and planned diet to achieve a level of fitness which was almost impossible to even imagine. The same friends who laughed it off at Maniesh were awestruck seeing this miraculous transformation. The ones who made fun were now asking for fitness coaching from Maniesh.

“I can do anything I set my sparkling mind to. I am one with the cosmic energy. I am a star inside a seed. So, watch me grow from the sky”– Maniesh

Maniesh achieved excellence in fitness to such a level that he started aspiring to be a Trained Fitness Coach. Following a strict & disciplined lifestyle, he started to put together his dream of a Fitness Coach brick by brick and day by day. Maniesh was a different person now. Totally transformed with a vision to make a difference. His energy, excitement and passion were contagious. It could be felt by anyone who met him. Maniesh was also preparing for the Iron Man by subjecting himself to a rigorous work-out regime, such that anyone who saw Maniesh working out in the gym was taken aback by his passion and aggressiveness. 

Maniesh used to frequently shuttle between Pune and Bangalore. While in Pune, Maniesh usually hung around with his friends at a small coffee shop named Chef’s Way in Pune. He got certified as an Advanced Fitness Coach from Gold’s Gym, Bangalore and also engaged himself in training and consulting on health and fitness for his clients privately. Be it Pune or Bangalore, Maniesh stuck to his discipline and consistency of working out.

He is often seen engaging with the youth and motivating them towards living a healthier and more fulfilled life. The change in attitude and lifestyle that the transformation brought about can be felt by everyone around Maniesh. Be it  friends or Personal Trainers in Pune or Bangalore, every one testifies to the passion and excitement Maniesh has when it comes to fitness and healthy living. This is a big chasm Maniesh has covered from being obese to getting fit.

“Always be Yourself. Express Yourself and Have Faith in Yourself” – Bruce Lee